How to transfer product dimension(L,B,H) & weight data to my courier partners portal?

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I have been facing this issue for quite some time on my site and am still clueless about how to solve the issue. I am giving the product  dimension & weight in the product description area(refer to the screenshot)

dimension problem1.png

But this data does not get synced with the courier partners portal (WareIQ). Refer the screenshot

So every time an order is generated, I have to go and manually add the product dimension & weight. That's quite cumbersome. Has anyone faced a similar problem? How to resolve this problem?

I guess some other approach needs to be adopted.

Anyone any Idea?

Please email your ideas & suggestions at 

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Shopify does not currently offer dimensional information to submit to carriers, they are only using weight. You can use our app SKUSavvy to enter dimensional information and since it is a full WMS you can handle your warehouse, inventory, pick-pack-ship processes (among others) directly within SKUSavvy. 


We enable direct connection with 25+ carriers and during the fulfillment process suggest a box size and then submit the order shipping details to the carriers and pull back carrier rates directly.


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