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How you dropship the cosmetics liquids product from China

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The cosmetics products are always hot sale categories for dropshipping, for example, Eye shadow, eyebrow pressed powder, liquid foundation, concealer, nail glue, lipstick, facial mask, essential oil, shower gel, shampoo, facial cleanser, toner, firming lotion, softening lotion, skin cream, isolation cream, eye mask, scrub , Body lotion, hand cream, loose powder, glitter, eyeliner, lipstick, mascara, make-up remover, ointmenthowever, mostly of them are liquids, powder and cream and mostly ship via standard shipping if you dropship via Aliexpress, have you found any courier more stable and faster to dropship cosmetics liquids product? - Chinese dropshipping agent - reliable sourcing agent
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Jessie at blanka here. 


We launched our blanka private labeling app earlier this year for anyone to start their own branded makeup and skincare line. We are based in North America,  ship worldwide, and are a faster alternative to Aliexpress!


Here’s some more information about us!

  • We offer dropshipping options
  • No minimum order quantity
  • We have over 170 beauty products (and expanding!) to choose from
  • Our products are gluten-free, eco-friendly, sulfate-free, and mostly vegan (with the exception of a few products with beeswax).

You can try us out for free with this sign up link hereHope this helps!