I am a customer expecting a refund and I have no idea who to contact to get my money back.

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I ordered items from a shop on March 30 and on June 19 they were cancelled, with the refund listed as pending. I googled when I can expect the refund to be cleared, and most sites and message boards explained that the process would take 1-4 days. It has been a week.


I tried contacting your support email, but it appears to have since been shut down and you have effectively gutted any reliable means of contacting your company. When I used your portal on the website as a customer to lodge a complaint, your automated system told me to take it up with the shop owner. He claims to have no control over when the money is released, (which makes sense, given that your company is the intermediary.) I do not know how to reach any human being with Shopify support due to the meandering user interface of your site.


I have spent over 500 dollars through your company... This is not an insignificant amount of money to me. I would like to have a clear answer as to when I will be getting my money back. I will be happy to provide receipts but it won't let me attach them to this post.

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Kindly provide the link to the shop you ordered from

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