i cannot refund to my customer his money as he cancel his order ??! i have message say ( error 10009

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Message You do not have a verified ACH   Error codes 10009

please  how can i fix this problem? and if i  fix the issue with PayPal, does Shopify keep the money paid by my customer? I am confused?

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Hi @moustafawin 

I assume this was a PayPal transaction? Here their help-pages explain, what can cause this error: Why did I get API error code 10009? 

Currently they list 14 different causes that may be at the root of this problem. Maybe that helps?


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I’m curious to know how did you resolve this matter since I’m currently having the same issue 

wondering if i should send customer a refund directly 

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Did you ever find a solution for this?  I am running into the same issue.