I'd Like to Set Shipping Charges Based on Prefecture or Postal Code in CustomShip.

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Hello everyone from japan,


Thank you for your assistance. I would like to ask a question here with the hope of receiving your help.


  • What I Want to Achieve:

I want to set shipping charges for each prefecture using an app called CustomShip, but the shipping charges are not being applied correctly.

Note: I was able to set shipping charges for individual postal codes.

I have also contacted the app company, but they have not responded.


  • What I Have Tried:

I have made the following settings using filters:

Field: Country 2-letter code

Verb: Regular Expression

Value: JP-(02|03|04|05|06|07)


  • Results:

The following error appeared on the checkout screen:

スクリーンショット 2023-10-19 9.50.48.png

It says "You cannot use this shipping option."



  •  Additional Information:

I also tried the following settings, but they did not work:

Verb: Equal

Value: JP-02|JP-03|JP-04|JP-05|JP-06|JP-07
Verb: Include

Value: JP-02|JP-03|JP-04|JP-05|JP-06|JP-07


Thank you in advance.

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It is possible to set shipping rates using Zipcode regular expression using our app ShipMagic.
You can install the app and reach out to live chat support from within the app to get assistance on how to set it up.

Automate & bulk assign products to shipping profile: Auto Shipping Profiles: Shipr
Calculate accurate shipping rates: Shipping Calculator: ShipMagic
Hide, rename, reorder payment methods at checkout: Payment Customization: PayMix
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Hello Sniper2804,


Thank you for your reply.

But, I resolved it myself.

The value of the filter was incorrect.

After changing to the settings below, the shipping fee was displayed correctly.


Field:State / Province 2-letter code