I need to set shipping limits of xx items per box.

I need to set shipping limits of xx items per box.

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Hi team!  I’m hoping you can help. I know I can fit xx of each items into a box. After that, I need a second box. Well my shipping profile is not doing that. It’s fitting ALL the items in one single box. I go to ship, find the error, have to split the shipment and then I pay the difference out of pocket. I’ve looked over my boxes and there’s no option to limit how many items per box, before creating a second box. How do I handle this? 

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Disclaimer: I am Aditya and I am founder of a shipping rate app.

AFAIK, this is not possible natively in Shopify. One solution could be to use a third party app like ShipMagic to do so. However, please note that, in order to use a third party shipping rate app in Shopify, you need to have CCS enabled on your store.

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