I need USPS® Adjustment ID

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 I need the USPS® Adjustment ID or The Revenue Assurance ID


I was told by USPS that they need this to open case Shopify says they don't have assess to this yet I can find in on my Etsy site. I need this IS I have a list of adjustments.


I have already talk to USPS, I have 58 packages from just the past 60-90 days that were adjusted and already gain proof that this adjustment was a result of my mail clerk putting multiple items on scale at the same time.


I already got the adjustment ID for my packages shipped threw Etsy.

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Hi @nawears 


I hope you have resolved your issue. But in case you are still facing it, it is better to contact Shopify live chat support.

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I already tried live-chat, it was no help at all. They said shopify's api  doesn't have access to the Adjustment ID #, I find it hard to believe aersy and ebay has access to this and shopify does not. They actually lied and said USPS wanted picture of all the package, who take picture of every package they sent out. USPS told me this was false. Told me that as long as I had the Adjustment # and description of what was in package i could file it.


I had the proof that the. USPS employees measure package improperly.