I need your Help with my payment gateway

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Hii Shopify Community, I hope you guys are doing great. My name is Kamal currently living in Uganda. 
I understand that not every payment gateway uses the native Shopify checkout process which limits merchants like us from doing post-purchase upsells using apps like Zipify OCU to increase AOV & be profitable.
As we know ad costs are just rising with the IOS changes & they are just gonna keep increasing. So we need to find a way to make the most from each customer & that's why post-purchase upsells are very necessary more than ever. 
But that's only possible for merchants with onsite payment gateways that use the native Shopify checkout process.
Well, I use an offsite payment gateway that takes customers off of Shopify, and because of that, I cannot carry post-purchase upsells because Shopify doesn't allow that at the moment.
The first solution you might think of is why not just get an onsite payment gateway that can do post-purchase upsells. Well, first those onsite payment gateways like Stripe are not supported in my country & getting them gets me into legal issues.
And second, those onsite payment gateways don't support Mobile money payments which is a huge thing in my Market.
Because of those 2 reasons I have to look for another creative reason which is helping my offsite payment gateway become an onsite payment gateway that can start to use the native checkout & not take customers off of Shopify. And we merchants will then have the ability to carry out post-purchase upsells.
I'm in deep contact with my payment gateway & want them to have the ability to integrate with zipify ocu o that I can carry out post-purchase upsells. So I would like to know what are the requirements that payment gateways need to have in order to become an onsite payment gateway that is a friend with the Shopify API.
I really need to find a way to make my payment gateway native on the Shopify checkout so that post-purchase upsells can be possible which are very important in any Online Business.
So kindly tell me what do offsite payment gateways have to do so that they can become onsite & native on the Shopify checkout & not take customers off of the Shopify process
Even though they are code stuff that my payment gateway needs to do on their backend so that they can be native. Send any important info & I will share that with my payment gateway.
This is really important to know & I would like to get your help.
If I can find a solution to this, it will greatly help millions of Entrepreneurs worldwide and mainly on the African continent.
I have also actually contacted Shopify support and they have told me that my best way to find a solution will be to post on the Community & that's why I have high hopes from you guys.
Thanks and any contribution is highly appreciated.
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