I've accepted my customer's payment but his order is still payment pending

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Hey guys! Hope you all are doing well.


I recently created my Shopify store and just sold my 3rd product yesterday (04/30/2024).


My customer chose to pay with PayPal Express Checkout.


Since I live in Brazil and my PayPal account is from here, the main currency is set to brazilian real (I can't change it, nor add new currencies because I'm a new seller account). And since I only sell on USA, I had to accept the payment manually directly on PayPal (I think you guys already know this, but when you receive a payment with a currency that is not "installed" in your PayPal wallet, you've to accept it).

The thing is: the transaction on PayPal is all good, but Shopify doesn't recognize it. It says that I need to accept but I've already accepted.


I already tried to manually capture payment directly on Orders page in Shopify. Doesn't work.


I tried to deactivate and activate PayPal on my Shopify store. Doesn't work also.


I don't know if it's a problem with Shopify, PayPal, the integration between them, but I need to solve this ASAP.


Shopify won't let me fulfill the customer's order if he doesn't acknowledge the payment.


Does anyone of you guys know the solution to this, or have any suggestions on how I may proceed?


Thanks in advance!

PS.: this 3rd order was from the same customer of my 2nd order, he used the same payment method and the process was all the same. I don't know why this time is giving me a headache.

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