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I would like to export orders with order metafields

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I have created an order metafield. It is a Delivery Date that is input manually (so it's a date format). I would like to export all orders and for the export to include this additional metafield.


I've tried exporting orders from the Order page "Export" button but the file doesn't contain the extra column for my new metafield.


Is there any way to do this?


Many thanks for your help!

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Hi @evelyneraby ,


Sadly, Shopify's default data export feature doesn't support metafields. But the good news is that you can export metafields into a CSV file using our app.


Hope this helps!

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Can you not export the order metafield along with the regular shopify order csv?

Also, it is better that different metafileds get different column, instead of creating a new row in the same order id...

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Hey there @evelyneraby ,


If you're open to using an app, our EZ Exporter app can export Order Metafields as well (along with the rest of the order data).


You can also filter the orders based on the value of that "Delivery Date" metafield and schedule an automated export.

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