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Im being asked for my merchant ID when registering for a state sales and use tax permit

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Im registering for my State sales and use tax permit and Im being asked for my payment processor merchant ID and I use shopify.  Where can I get this

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Check for any email or documentation you may have received upon setup of your payment gateway

Also check your payments gateway setting page

Or contact directly



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I have the same problem.  I can not locate my Merchant ID.  The solutions mentioned above did not work.  I sent an email to the link provided.  I received an email back saying they no longer accept emails.  They provided a link to the support center where there is 24/7 support (???), but that page is blank and there is no way to contact anyone!  Since the Shopify team is so difficult to reach, can anyone else point me in the right direction?

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Hi did you figure out how to do this? If so where did you find it? 



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The Merchant account is basically your Shop ID. Unique for each store...