Implementing Custom Payment flow in Shopify App

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Hello Everyone

I am developing a Shopify app and I want to implement the payment flow looks like below:

For each order, the customer will pay 2 times

1) Pay deposit + Shipping

2) Pay final payment (full price for the products he/she wants to purchase )


The deductions will happen on every transaction done by the customer

1) Shopify charges

2) Stripe processing charges

3) Shipping charges

4) App platform charges

And then the remaining amount will get deposited into the store owner's account for that specific order.


Accordingly, all the deducted amounts will get deposited into the accounts of the respective platforms.

If final payment (which is part of order completion) doesn't happen on time (or even after the additional time provided) then the system should be able to automatically charge the full price of all the despatched products.

The customer should be able to receive a refund for buy orders.

For Order - if the customer is not purchasing anything then a (pre-defined) restocking fees will get deducted from the deposit amount. And the remaining amount should get refunded to the customer.


Thanks in advance for your help on this!

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