Impossible to process payments for 'high-risk' subscription-based businesses in the UK?

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Hello all,


I'm currently planning which platform to launch my subscription-based supplement model on. I'd love to use Shopify but it seems like this not be possible due to payment processing restrictions.


1) Shopify only allows the payment processors Shopify Payments, Paypal, and Stripe for subscription payments (source:


2) Of these payment processors, only will allow supplement businesses as they a catagorised as 'high-risk' (source: T&Cs of all payment processors listed above)


3) only permits businesses based in the US and Canada to use their payment gateway. They funnel business in the UK to their sister company 'CyberSource', but CyberSource is not permitted to be used for subscription business on Shopify.


Am I missing something, or is it impossible to run a subscription-based supplement business in the UK due to payment processing restrictions?


Thanks all,




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