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In Dire Need of help Shipping Issue for over a year

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Hello all. I am dire need of assistance to correct a shipping issue. I currently have two shipping profiles. Profile one is a flat rate of $3.99, an example of Profile 2 is as follows: 

Based on cost. Cost of product is 0-$15 shipping is 4.20.

Cost of product is $15.01-$30 shipping is 5.70

Customers' entire total is during checkout is $30 (this includes items from Profile 1 and 2)  The customer is now charged $9.69 for their item because Shopify combined the total order cost to shipping profile 2. The correct total should have been the flat rate of 3.99 plus 4.20 ( since the customer purchased an item in shipping profile 2 that falls in the 4.20 range) which is a total of 8.19 and not $9.69. This is causing my customers to be overcharged and higher abandoned carts. I am unable to combine the two shipping profiles because they are unable to be shipped together. Please Please help. Thank you all.

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