Inconveniences when adding notes to the order from the checkout page

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Hello everyone, I am trying to add a note to the orders of my store, the content of the note is a json but I see that not all the orders are added the note, what could be happening? Thank you in advance for your help.
The code I use is the following:



(function ($) {
$(document).on("page:load page:change", function () {
if (Shopify.Checkout.step === 'payment_method') {
var Origen = 'WEB';
{% if customer.tags contains 'EMBAJADOR' %} Origen = 'EMBAJADOR';{% endif %}

function setObjectNote(origen){

var ObjNote = {}
var myInput = document.getElementById("checkout_billing_note");

if (myInput == null){
var nota= '<div data-address-field="note" data-autocomplete-field-container="true" style="display: none;" class="field field--optional"><div class="field__input-wrapper"><label class="field__label field__label--visible" for="checkout_billing_note">Origen (opcional)</label><input placeholder="Origen (opcional)" autocomplete="billing note" autocorrect="off" data-backup="note" class="field__input" size="30" type="text" name="checkout[note]" id="checkout_billing_note"></div></div>'
myInput = document.getElementById("checkout_billing_note");
myInput.value = "";

ObjNote.Origen = origen;
myInput.value = JSON.stringify(ObjNote);


}) (Checkout.$);


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