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Ive added a Flat Rate of shipping to my store and then a FREE shipping discount once carts are over £80 for UK orders.

However when items from my Outlet Store is added to a basket with 'regular' items the flat rate fee is doubled. These items did used to have their own shipping rate but I've now deleted this and they are in the same Flat Rate as everything else.

Can anyone help? I'm launching new website tonight and need it to be sorted. 🙂


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thanks in advance


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Combining shipping rates at checkout could be the reason; please check it out.

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thanks, thats one of the most complicated things i've ever read haha!

I have one flat rate of shipping - I think it's something to do with the fulfilment app and the products I've created adding the shipping together and I've no idea how to stop it

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Hi @Naypalm ,


We have found a way to deal with this using our app ShipMagic. If you want to try out the solution, please install the app and reach out to our live chat support for more help on this. 

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