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Hi all,


We are just migrating across from Wordpress and setting up on Shopify. Our testing is throwing up a major issue!


We use a 3rd party shipping software (Shippit) for our fulfilment of orders. Once the order is shipped, the Shippit software populates the order in Shopify with tracking details. Every order is updated in Shopify with the "Tracking No." and a carrier of "Shippit".


Unfortunately Shopify doesn't recognise "Shippit" as a carrier. For the Order Confirmation email, that a customer receives with tracking details, I found a workaround by editing the code for those emails and manually adding in the Shippit tracking page. This works well.


The only problem now is that if a customer clicks on the button "View Your Order" in that email, the Shopify page they are taken to with their order details has an incorrect link, sending them to a random url at the Italian Post website!


Can anyone please suggest how I can use the manual link details that I edited in the Order Confirmation emails to update all links that belong to this order? I've added some screenshots for reference and am happy to provide more info if required 🙂

















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Hi Brett,

We have exactly the same issue. Have you perhaps found a way to fix this?



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Hi Joana. No I haven't unfortunately. The suggestion from Shopify to install the Shippit app didn't work for us (as I told them it wouldn't - even though they insisted it would) because our Shopify orders pass through inventory management software (Cin7) before flowing to Shippit - and back again after fulfillment. So installing the app doubled up all the orders in Shippit. But if you can connect Shopify directly to Shippit this may be a solution for you? Cheers, Brett.

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Hello @brettgoodmix ,


As you correctly pointed out, Shopify does not recognize "Shippit" as a carrier. To ensure proper tracking, the Shippit team needs to supply both the Tracking URL and the "Tracking No." with "Shippit" specified as the carrier when fulfilling Shopify orders.


Alternatively, they can use the actual carrier's name and the carrier tracking number. Please get in touch with the app developer and ask them to implement these changes.


In case you prefer a workaround, you can manually input the tracking URL when fulfilling orders in Shopify. If you select an unrecognized carrier, the URL option will become visible.

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