Increasing Discounts as Customers Accrue Completed Recharge Subscription Orders?

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Hi everyone, 

I'm struggling to find a solution for a client that works with Recharge, which is what we use for subscriptions. 

To decrease churn, we are looking to offer 10% off first order, which will increase to 15% at 3rd successful charge, 20% at 5+ successful charges. 

We have a number of people who subscribe, receive a few orders, cancel, then resubscribe a few months later. We want to try encourage people to stay subscribed to maintain their discount level, and then just  use our ARPU integrated delay order functionality when they don't want product that month, rather than cancelling their subscriptions. 

Anyway, I've spoken to Recharge who don't offer this natively. They recommended to check with a number of their integration partners who all seem to offer discount programs for Recharge subscribers but nothing that actually adjusts the base Recharge subscription tiered discount. 

I wondered if anyone had successfully done what we are trying to do, and if you had any tips about how you achieved it? Or if there's an (affordable) app out there that can help?

Appreciate any help!


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Hi! I was curious if you actually found a solution to this?