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I am setting up a store for my business with shopify. It is a special type of product that is used in the flexographic printing type of printing machine. My main concern is with the shipping of the product. For my offline sales I usually use 2 personal shipping company one that I prefer for european region and other that I use for international shipping to other countries. I want to continue with this both companies for delivering my products for my online store too. The problem is they don't have special shopify plugins. And so the most beneficial option for me and for the customers of this type of products is to set a percentage based rate on the total order and delivery location. But shopify does not have this option in general and I came across alternative solutions of using a plugin.  But a small issue for using a shipping alteration plugin is that you need to have a shopify a yearly subscription or a different plan all together or a 20 $ top up on the current monthly plan. I don't want to do this since I am just starting with a online business. But also I am willing to do this if there are no other cost effective solutions. 

So I am looking for solutions/ advice/ suggestions regarding this if someone has a tried a shopify store for industrial/ machinery goods or have a faced a similar situation with shipping and figured out some good solutions. 


Thank You in advance.

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that sounds impressive!