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Integration with a Courier Service

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Recently my company has discussed with a courier service and mentioned that they will need to integrate with our Shopify store with an API code, which the courier service will provide the real-time shipping rates when customers checkout.

Right now, I am rather confused as to how I am supposed to approach this situation, hence this post.

I am hoping that someone or a guru could help me out with this situation as my company wants to integrate overseas shipping into our shop.


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Hi John,

You will need to find an app that integrates with your shipping courier's API, or have someone develop a private app to do this.

You will also require Carrier Calculated Shipping Rates.  You can get this feature for as little as $0/month by contacting Shopify to update your plan to a annual subscription.

Out of curiosity, which shipping courier are you looking to integrate with?  Perhaps it's a company I can add to our shipping app Intuitive Shipping.

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I think this step should vary as per the courier service itself. The different courier companies will have different policies and price will also vary as per the same. You got to talk to the courier itself so that they can act accordingly.

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  You can even try Inventory Management Software that integrates courier based services. So you don't need to get confused. Those platforms will take care integrating the requirements you need

Thanks and Best Regards, Abdul
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Hello there! I have couple questions here and I really need help. I have a courier service that's willing to help me out for free in order to integrate their service to my online eCommerce site. Below is a direct link to their site and what they can do. How possible, acceptable or feasible is this when it comes to shopify? How can shopify help me realize this dream of finally solving one of my biggest obstacles ?

Here's the link


Someone please help.


Thanks much



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I been struggling for more then a year to get the suitable courier company that offers Integration,  please can anyone advise me to a courier company in South Africa.