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Hello, I am currently on my way to opening my web-shop. My supplier is separate from the apps present in the Shopify app store. Does anyone know a good app that would make my product transfer from the supplier to the store easier?

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In the end it all depends on how your supplier can provide data. If their platform has an API then this is the ideal way of integrating. If they provide a csv file via ftp than this is usable as well. 

We specialise it connecting suppliers through our platform so you can first import your product data and check/edit it before pushing to your Shopify store. It gives more control over how you launch your products. We also have a separate process for continued stock updates from supplier data.

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@Miruna1 How many orders per month do you anticipate you will purchase from the supplier? We're happy to help you connect them if it's too much of a hassle to handle manually.

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You can solve this problem by integrating data between your sales platforms. Simply put, it is a solution that helps your sales data across different sales channels seamlessly connect in real-time.

I can suggest you a Shopify integration solution through the Hexasync platform. You can learn more about Shopify Integration. All data related to products, ERP & reporting, customer service, accounting, shopping cart,... are all connected and synchronized in the fastest way.