International Customs Form - Sending Online Orders Internationally

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Hi Everyone,


I am a small business located in the US and I recently made my first international order to Canada. After the package stayed with Canadian Customs for 4 days - it was determined that a small amount of import fees are needed to be paid. Question is, will UPS deliver and ask payment when they deliver the package or does the customer have to pay it first before UPS initiates delivery?


Also, upon doing some research - I've found some problems concerning Shopify Shipping and their Customs Form -

  • the Shopify Customs Form has the Incoterm listed as DTU = I searched online and it means "Duties Taxes Unpaid". However, I don't think that term is being used now and even in the Shopify help blog found here - - it does not mention DTU but rather DDP and DAP (or DDU).
  • Here is a small snippet of the customs form from the order I shipped outScreen Shot 2023-05-13 at 3.09.01 AM.png
  • Shopify Shipping Customs Form does not let you choose between DDP (Delivered duty paid) or Delivered at place (DAP), also called delivered duty unpaid (DDU). This means that if you want to send samples to a prospect customer, you are unable to shoulder duties or import fees through Shopify Shipping.
  • Through Shopify Shipping and their Customs Form - I can't choose to add in a note to have the importer (the person who bought from me) to pay for duties and fees.


Shippo allows you to edit your customs form - but my problem with Shippo is  that it doesn't give you the UPS discounted rates that Shopify offers.


For all of you who ships internationally, do you mind sharing your experiences on what works? Am I just missing something here?


Thank you in advance!

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