International fulfilment issues

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I'm hoping someone can help me with a workaround for this issue...

We sell in several different locations internationally and fulfil from warehouses based in these countries. When we go out of stock in one location Shopify automatically defaults to fulfilling orders from one of our of other warehouses, even though they are located thousands of miles away from the customer. Since we sell some quite bulky products it is far too expensive to send overseas and we only want to sell when we are in stock in a particular country. I've been talking to Shopify about it for almost a year now and whilst they admit it is a significant limitation there doesn't seem to be any progress in solving it. Surely there must be lots of sellers in a similar situation? Does anyone have any tips or workarounds for the issue? We're about to add a number of new products to our inventory and it's going to be impossible to keep in stock everywhere, all the time, to avoid these issues! Thanks in advance!

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