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International shipping to the rest of Europe from the UK

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We are located in the UK and we only currently ship to mainland UK. However, after some demand from other countries such as Germany, France & Ireland, we are looking to options to ship to the rest of Europe. If it ends up being too much hassle, we will likely just carry on as we are as international shipment are likely to not be very frequent.


Currently, after a few clicks using Shopify Fulfilled shipping (EVRI & DPD UK), we have a label ready to go and I was hoping for something similar with the added shipping options for example DPD International or Fedex but this appears not to be the case.


Can anyone currently doing this advise on the best and easiest way to implement this?


I would be grateful.





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do not use shopify shipping, we have many claims for losses and we are not getting anywhere, as you have a problem they will not help

we cant get anywhere, we can a joke emails back, nobody is helping, so only use them if you want to play russian roulette, you can maybe contact SAMOS, who has an app and they use their own clearing agents in the EU to ship, or go direct or use another high rated app if you dont want to spend your life begging shopify to help, as they will ignore you

we spent 2K in two weeks time on shipping and still not enough to help us


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Hi there,

We are a fulfilment house located in Poland in Warsaw. We offer an effective logistics support with great shipping EU tariffs and seamless integration, we have our own app for Shopify integration. As top-service 3PL, we handle your entire #fulfillment process within the EU: highly efficient, quick, truly ecological. Many of our clients are from the UK, in case you would like to transfer your stock to us and get rid of the hassle of the post-brexit shipping to the EU.  If you want to know more please visit our website: Fulfilment Europe or just contact us via e-mail: . Best regards Lidia (Internel SA)