International Shipping: What countries to avoid

International Shipping: What countries to avoid

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If you have experience with international shipping, which countries do you avoid shipping to based on the following factors?

  1. Packages take months to arrive
  2. High incidence of missing packages
  3. Complicated shipping regulations

Thank you!


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Hi @candra72 ,

Russia, Brazil, China, and India have tough shipping restrictions. Additionally, I have heard of cases of lost packages when shipping to Italy and Mexico. Shipping to these countries might be riskier.

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Although post service are available for all countries and districts in the world, not very country suitable for dropshipping, according to the statistics, the are around 60 countries and districts are the occupied 97% international ecommerce, they are mainly in north and south america, EU, middle east, south east asia, a few africa countries and Aus as well as NZ.


The following countries are for you as a reference: United States,United Kingdom,France,Germany,Italy,Spain,Netherlands,Belgium,Luxembourg,Ireland,Bulgaria,Croatia,Czech Republic,Estonia,Finland,Hungary,Latvia,Lithuania,Malta,Poland,Portugal,Romania,Slovakia,Slovenia,Sweden,Austria,Denmark,South Africa,Brazil,Canada,Greece,Switzerland,Norway,Mexico,Singapore,Malaysia,Thailand,Vietnam,Philippines,Chile,Colombia,Israel,Cyprus,Turkey,South Korea,New Zealand,Pakistan,Nigeria,Ghana,Uganda,Kenya,Tanzania,Rwanda,Angola,Egypt,UAE,Saudi Arabia,Kuwait,Qatar,Bahrain,Jordan,Lebanon,Australia HongKong, Taiwan and Japan etc.


The rest countries and districts are not good for dropshipping due to the online payment and shipping issue. Professional Chinese dropshipping agent