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Inventory not reducing when creating draft order

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Hi everyone, 


Here is my issue. I have multiple products using the same SKU which I link using Trunk and it works perfectly. I have blank products which are linked to my printed products. So for example, I have blank hoodie which I don't sell on my website (base sku) and I have different different design I offer using the same black hoodie. Each of these product are «bundled» with the blank SKU so whenever someone buys whatever product linked with the black hoodie they all go down. That works well and I'm happy


I want to create a bulk order for a customer that is gonna be paying via quickbooks (its a B2B sale and she's buying my blank products) but I want my inventory to go down and I want it to appear in my reporting so I went and created a draft order with my blank products and clicked on «reserve items» and then save. I don't want to create the order for multiple reasons. 1: I don't want my fulfillment team to receive the order (their shipstation is linked with my shopify store and the order is not ready to be fullfilled) 2: I don't want the customer to receive emails from shopify that a new order was created because I don,t want to confuse her and she speaks french and my emails are sent in english so multiple reasons.


NOW MY PROBLEM. When I reserve items, it doesn't go down in inventory so it doesn't trigger the other linked product to go also down. How can I fix this ? I can't do this manually as it's too complicated and there is risks of erros


thanks for the help!

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Hi @Stephanie073 ,

Unfortunately, Shopify "Reserve Items" does not actually reduce the inventory count.

To workaround this, I have recently added a feature to Draft Order Helper app ( ) that allows you to deduct inventories for products used in a draft order in one click :

Deduct inventoriesDeduct inventories

After installing the app, you can go to your draft order, select "More actions" > "Adjust inventory" , then deduct the inventories of the products used in the draft order, this will make the inventory number go down, and trigger the Trunk inventory sync to make the linked products inventory to go down as well.

The app has a free plan (5 free inventories deduction) which you can give it a try,, hope this can help you!


Axel Kee

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