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In my product back end, there is a section called Inventory and a selection for "Inventory will be stocked at". Up until a few weeks ago, it had two options available for me: Flowspace (shipping from our own warehouse) and Shopify (which signals that it would ship from amazon). The option for "Shopify" now changed to our store's business address. I never changed it? Why did it change to that? How do I change it back to "Shopify"?

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I think it's the same thing. From what I've seen "Shopify"  = your store's default location, so they should be interchangeable.


If you didn't change anything, then Shopify probably made an update to make it more clear in the UI. If your store changed something, I would check Fulfillment Services settings, sounds like you have 1 or 2 setup there (Flowspace + Amazon).

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