Inventory Solution: Keeping track of products that are being used for two inventories

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We run a vehicle company that rebuilds trucks, and we also sell products. 


We have components we use in both our builds and that we sell. 


Right now we track all of our build products on quickbooks and all of our shopping products on shopify. Realistically we need to have all inventory on one platform, shopify, but we invoice build products. Right now, our builders make notes on every build product they take and then our accountant spends hours each week going through every note and adding each part to specific invoices. 


We need to be able to manage our inventory and right now theres a big disconnect which is causing all of our build products to not be tracked. We have no idea what we have. 


I know on shopify you can send invoices, and in quickbooks you can upload receipts to add to customer accounts to keep track of taxes and finances and what not. It sounds like a perfect solve. BUT, we can't send customers 15 invoices a day. Realistically we would like to send one or two invoices a week. One for build parts and another for labor. 


Is there a way to just build a cart throughout the week and then at the end of the week hit send, and then tag the account on the back end to only allow an invoice or be subject to store approval? 


Its a huge change from the way we have been doing it, and unfortunately we cant just shoot the gun and take off right away.


I'm wondering if you all have any thoughts on this, or more questions. I'm looking for a solution that will work for the long run. 

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Hi @tritonebear,


Do I interpret what you are describing as billing customers for work-in-process?



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