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Hello all, 

This is my first post in here so I hope I am able to find some help. I am interested in finding a good inventory management system, but I wanted to ask if there was a way of having multiples of 1 item and only listing a certain amount on the store but still maintaining how many there is in the warehouse? 
For example: 
Item A - 500 qty in warehouse
Website - 10 items available to buy (when those are sold out, the back end will tell me there are 490 left in the warehouse) and in 3 months time, I can list another 10 for sale and keep the product "limited" 
What I dont want is to list all 500 qty on the website at one time, but I want to know that I have the 500 and where they are. 
Is that possible? 
I hope that was not too confusing!
Thank you for any help
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You can certainly do this between an inventory system and Shopify. You could simply set your Shopify item to not be available which is a simple option.


Or, using an inventory system like SKUSavvy you can connect your Shopify store and hold inventory there, then make the product unavailable at a certain inventory level. In your scenario, you could make 10 available to your Shopify channel, which would then update your Shopify to show out of stock until you relist the items, while still holding 490 items in the inventory around your warehouse bins. 


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