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How do I print out an invoice to be included IN the package?  I don't know how to add a picture of one of the basic packing slips from Etsy.  What shopify prints up I CANNOT put in the customers package!

Is there an app I can get to make invoices so I can print them to add to my customers orders?

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Hi, there!

I’m Melissa, a Shopify Guru. Thanks for posting! There is a range of apps available that you can integrate to create a custom invoice that may help you with your query.

Check some of the apps out here:

Some of the above apps also offer a free trial so you can check them out and see if they would work for your business. Hope this information helps! You can reach out to the Guru team if you have any questions.

Have a great day!

Melissa | Shopify Guru

Mel | Shopify 
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Hi there,

My name is Polina and I am a team member at Zination. I believe our Catalog & Invoice Automation App is the right match for your needs. It enables you to create beautiful, customized invoices that include ordered products' pictures, product recommendations, and Thank You notes. Furthermore, our App supports printing one invoice at a time or in bulk.

After downloading our app you can also instantly create Catalogs, flyers and linesheets from your Shopify Collections  with over 25 templates:
*Drag & Drop editing to create own Custom Templates and save for future use
*Unique URL for each page allowing for private sharing & analytics
*Bulk discount and customized product offering via Product Information Management

There is no need for coding/web design skills, everyone can use it easily. Plus, you are always welcome to contact us at Customer Support. 
For more details, check out:

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It's ridiculous that shopify doesnt give you the option to simply print out an invoice.

I use order printer, and it works really well, just annoying that I'm paying extra money a month just for this basic thing.

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Is order printer the $29 template?

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Hi @JnJFarmKY, I made a video tutorial for you on how do print out an invoice to be included IN the package. Hope this helps!

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Hi @jnjfarmky, 


You've probably found a solution since then, but I just wanted to contribute for future reference.

We're using personal print for our invoices, and it's incredibly the only App we've found with a drag and drop invoice builder that truly let us build what we wanted. 

The reason we use it is 1) that the invoice can be entirely customized to contain all the information you want, and 2) that they can be downloaded directly from the Shopify orders' list page.

We're also using it to send some automated personalized thank you notes to our customers for about a year, and it worked 12/10 for us in terms of customer satisfaction.


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Hi Melissa,


Thanks for mentioning Sufio in your reply!


I see this is an old question, but I just wanted to mention a feature that might help others with the same issue.

Sufio allows merchants to generate a delivery note from their invoices, which they can then include in packages.


I hope that helps.


Have a great day!


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Have a great day,


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You can use the Multi Carrier Shipping Label app that will help you generate and print the invoice to be included in the package for multiple carriers.

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Yes i pay every month and i cn not even print a invoice to customer. It is not enought they take 2% from my sales but can not provide proper invoice without third party app. What a joke

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I couldnt agree more, how many apps do they expect us to subscribe to just to run a functioning business. Very disappointed with the "add on" running costs of shopify, while it seems cheap on the surface the hidden costs are exorbitant  

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I agree, it's pretty ridiculous. This should be a default feature!

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Yeah very surprised that being able to general a simple invoice is not a standard feature. It would be pretty basic to include and makes Shopify seem like poor value if the subscription and fees don't include this.

Having to add apps for basic features also creates a data protection / GDPR headache as you have to think about what customer data is shared with other parties, updating your privacy policy to reflect this etc.