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I have a problem with IOSS and Shopify since I'm shipping from outside of Europe, but my store is registered in The Netherlands. I requested an IOSS number from the Dutch tax services and received one. 


However, Shopify keeps telling me that I can't put an IOSS number in my account because my store address is in The Netherlands. That is true, my address is in The Netherlands because my official registration is there, but I'm shipping the products to customers from Thailand and thus I need to use my IOSS number for customers from the EU. 


Shopify support doesn't seem to have a clue what they're talking about. I'm allowed to get an IOSS number from The Netherlands, but then Shopify doesn't allow me to use it because my address is located in The Netherlands (even though I'm shipping from outside of the EU)?


I'm super confused. Does anyone have a similar experience or a solution?

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Hi! talk to us at, 

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It is very simple. IOSS is one of the 2 (actuall 4 , but still ) special VAT schemes, the other one is OSS (which is mostly for EU based shops) . Shopify can only accomodate one - either IOSS or OSS and since the rules are different and they basically use the same native method they simply can not aacomodate both system, hence is the solution - they allow IOSS only for non EU companies and OSS only for EU registered comapnies , which is both seriously wrong, but they do not care. Do talk to us we will have a solution for you  at or via

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