Is it beneficial to offer free shipping for all orders vs. charging for shipping?

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Hi everyone,


We're currently including standard shipping costs in our product price to be able to offer free shipping but have been discussing the option of charging for shipping and thereby lowering the product price. This would also enable us to increase AOV's by offering free shipping after a certain cart value.


Has anyone run this experiment within their store to see which strategy has a higher conversion rate? 




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Including standard shipping costs in your product price to offer free shipping can be a great strategy, and if it's feasible, I would strongly recommend continuing with it. However, one of the main challenges with this model is that shipping costs can increase significantly over long distances. Many businesses overcome these challenges by using carrier flat-rate shipping boxes. Additionally, ensure that your product remains competitive in the market even after including the shipping cost. If you can address these challenges effectively, then sticking to this strategy is advisable.

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