Is it possible to offer UPS shipping WITHOUT Surepost option?

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For my package weight and size class, I am finding UPS Surepost is usually a few cents or dollar lower than Ground or Priority Mail but takes twice as long or more. I prefer to my packages to get to customers sooner. Is there a way to remove Surepost as a shipping option while still offering UPS? TIA

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I know of one way. You can use an app like ShipMagic to hide Surepost shipping option. It works on all Shopify plans too.


I don't know if other methods exists as well.

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Hello @rhmayter ,


It is an easy process.


Do not choose the specified service from the shipping profile options.



Additionally, make sure to enable the 'Automatically display new shipping services to customers as they become available' setting is turned off. This way, only the selected services will be visible.


If you're using a third-party app, it should offer a similar functionality, allowing you to toggle services on or off as needed.

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