Is it possible to only offer local shipping and curbside pick up

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Hi there,


I have just started an extremely small scrunchie  business, most of my sales are made through instagram messages but I figured I should create an online store to reach a larger audience. 


Initially I was interested in shipping my product (scrunchies) but I'm not sure I want to spend 300-500$ on a shipping label printer, as my sales are very small.


I wanted to know if its possible to ONLY offer local deliveries and curbside pick up, so I can "deliver" the products myself. Or do I have to include general shipping as well?



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Hi @kdicosol,

Absolutely! You can only offer local deliveries and local pickups, so that either you can deliver the products or the customers can directly pick them. Under the "Shipping & Delivery" settings, you can enable local delivery and local pickup for the locations you have added. You can look into this guide to get a better understanding: Setup Pickup and Local Delivery.

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