Is it possible to see a list of places I have shipped??

Is it possible to see a list of places I have shipped??

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I am trying to get a map together of everywhere I have shipped. I know on pirate ship, they give you an exact amount. But I have been buying all my labels directly through shopify. I would really like to know how many different countries I have shipped to. Please let me know!

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Hey, @cloudverse!

Ash here from the Shopify team. Welcome to the Shopify Community!

Creating a map to show all the countries you've shipped to sounds like a really neat idea! I have a great solution to help you find this data. Here are some steps you can take to find out all the countries you've shipped to: 

  • First head over to the Orders section of your admin
  • From there, click the checkbox to select all of the orders on the page orderselect.png
  • Each page of orders will display 50 orders. So if you have more than 50 orders in your shop, click "Select all 50+ orders in your store" 50plus.png

  • Next, click "Export" at the top of the orders page exportorders.png

  • This will create an order export, which will lay out all of your orders data in a spreadsheet. 

  • This export will contain a column called "Shipping Country", which will show you all of the different countries you've shipped an order to.

While these instructions should suffice to get an export of your order data, we also have some more detailed information on exporting your orders in our Help Center. Let me know if this helps track down the information you're seeking! Also feel free to post back here once you've created your map- I'd love to take a look!

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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Is this by state too? If I want to see all of the cities and states in the United States that I've shipped to?