Is receiving test emails from my account a sign of potential fraud?

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I have received three 'test' format emails today from my Shopify account and they are not from me since I have not run any test emails. They are from a John Smith (fake)with order #9999, plus the shipping address of "Steve Shipper". How is this happening and should I be worried? They are not showing up anywhere in my account dashboard, but I am getting a bit worried about them. They have run three emails today.

I looked up the order numbers and they don't exist.

FYI sample of email below.

Payment processing method

visa, bogus


Delivery method

Generic Shipping


Shipping address

Steve Shipper
123 Shipping Street
Shippington, Kentucky 40003
United States

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Hi, did you ever receive any answers on this one? I have noticed the same John Smith fake order in my junk. But oddly enough I think it may be when you test notification, because around the time I did a test notification I never got any on my email because I put word test in the body of email. But in my junk I saw this same John smith order 9999 information. Hopefully you get clarification from Shopify. 

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Take it easy, that is a SAMPLE EMAIL sent by yourself when you edit notifications forms.

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Screenshot 2023-06-20 194700.pngI'll remember that when I receive a bogus order.

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