Is Shopify Payment expanding to Bulgaria in 2023 or 2024?

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Is Shopify Payment being considered to expand in Bulgaria in 2023 or 2024? It's a shame that in 2023 we still can't sell to international customers.

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Hi there, @Mexess.

We are always looking to expand and improve our offerings, but currently I cannot give a timeline for when or even if Shopify Payments will be available for our merchants in Bulgaria. I will be happy to submit this as a future platform update request on your behalf.

Just so you know - here is a list of all the supported gateways we have for Bulgaria currently. Thank you! 

Ivy | Social Care @ Shopify

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3 years, always same answer!

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Yep same issue, we can't have different pricing in Euro and USD without some very convoluted way.

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The problem is that without Shopify payments we can't have Google Pay nor we can display local currencies at checkout. Which is resulting in less sales and more abandoned checkouts for our international customers. 

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+1 Still waiting...

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Any news around Shopify payments expansion?

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Hi, Ivy, any update on introducing Shopify Payments in Bulgaria? It is a shame that an EU member country doesn't have this option. Romania is now featured but Bulgaria, when? 

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All of us here in Bulgaria are struggling with the high fees of the 3rd party payment providers. Most of them are not even a good fit! It’s a shame we don’t have Shopify payments. I know it’s way more complicated than just adding Bulgaria to the list with 1 click but everyone is going to benefit from this! Shopify will keep all the fees and merchants will be happy too! We can’t wait to have Shopify payments! Fingers crossed soon 🤞