Is Shopify's basic plan with shipping worth the cost vs Wix?

Is Shopify's basic plan with shipping worth the cost vs Wix?

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Good Afternoon

I will be honest and up front in saying that I've had my mind set on using Wix for the last couple of months for my new eCommerce venture, purely because on the surface, they offer everything we need for £22 a month.

However, I know that Shopify is more dedicated towards eCommerce, and my hunch is that it may serve us just as well, if not better. The thing is, I'm looking at the pricing for the plan that includes shipping capability, and it's over 10 times the cost per month.  

Admittedly, I am only just starting to research the capability with Shopify, but is there anyone that can help me understand what shipping capability we'd get on a Basic plan ($29.99/month)? I'll be selling physical products shipped from suppliers, so need to automate shipping as much as possible (there will be different rates and terms depending on the supplier). 

On the surface of it (I may be wrong) this is the only thing keeping me towards using Wix. Why would using Shopify be better? Sorry to be "that guy" who wants to compare to someone else, but I need to get this right...

I appreciate the help, many thanks...




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If you're setting up for ecommerce and plan to have a thriving brand and successful store, I would 100% go with Shopify because of their dedication to ecommerce.

 For shipping, you have a lot of power / control with Shopify. In your case. You can set the shipping rates based on the product. I do a lot of work with automation, and led the development of an app that automatically sends fulfillment requests / emails to 3rd party suppliers (Order Automator). I'm always looking for more ways to automate so if you get on Shopify and need help with automation feel free to reach out.

An additional note on shipping, I like using the apps Shippo and Easy Ship for label printing, but people also use Shopify's native feature + 3rd party services like Ship Station.

My team recently did a migration project for a client moving from Wix to Shopify, the main reasons they gave for migrating:

  • Pages didn’t work great on mobile.
  • Wix’s customer service is to say the least terrible.
  • Wix is far behind Shopify in terms of the apps that can enhance your e-commerce.

To see the full article:

Shopify is a powerhouse, in that you have a ton of app options to enhance functionality, plus a powerful API for custom development.

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