Is there a shipping app that works similar to Etsy's easy worldwide shipping?

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I have both an Etsy shop and Shopify store (for two different shops), and I really enjoy the ease of Etsy's shipping process. I am looking for an app that would work in a similar way so that I can ship world wide without having an issue or without having to input too much info. 

When I ship with Etsy all I have to do is put in the weight for the product and the location it is shipping from, when the customer checks out they input their location and Etsy's shipping calculator handles the rest. The customer pays the correct price based on weight and location when they check out and when I go to print the shipping label I also pay the correct price (ie the same price the customer paid) and I am left with the confidence that the package will make it to the correct destination without any issues. 

I was going to go with Shippo, but I saw a review that said they don't have UK shipping rates and that would be an issue as I would have to figure that all out myself.  

Is there an app that fully integrates with Shopify where all I have to do is input my products weight when I list my products and when the customer puts in their location they get the correct shipping rates? 


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I manage a company that has incredible shipping discounts. The USPS rates are similar to Shippo but we also have incredible rates with the other carriers. If you are still looking for info and additional discounts. reach out to me and I would love to explain. My direct line is 503-699-4100 


John Starke