Is there a way to block orders over a specific dollar amount, or accept as manual payments only?

Is there a way to block orders over a specific dollar amount, or accept as manual payments only?

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Just like the title says. I'd like to do this to mitigate fraud risk in the future. I'm open to using an app if it's free or very cheap.

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Shopify's answer will be to use their Fraud Filter app.

However, there are some shortcomings to the app.

Namely, It doesn't "block" orders until after the payment is captured. This still leaves you liable for a chargeback. It's an automatic order cancellation tool.

It would be really neat if you could define manually capture method rules for high risk payments. However, as far as I'm aware, manually capturing payments is an simple account wide setting. It's either on or off.

Is it possible for you handle manually capturing all orders? Or is that too burdensome?

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Yes, we can implement the logic for disabling the checkout buttons if cart amount is greater than the mentioned amount.


for that we will create a checkout price setting where you will able to put the amount.

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An order happens after checkout.

To cancel orders use the free shopify flow app and the cancel-order action 

And disable automatic payment capture 

Then again use shopify-flow for it's capture-payment action on regular value orders. 


Shopify-flow should also have some risk management tasks.

For a more robust automation solution there is usemechanic 



To prevent an order from being placed in checkout use a  shopify functions app, research the app store for such solutions.


To prevent a cart from going to checkout you will need either a theme customization, or an order limits app.


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We could adapt this workflow to do that for you:


It currently works by disabling automatic capture globally and then automatically capturing when the shopify order has a low risk score.


But we could also have it simple key off of the total amount.