Is there a way to prevent customers to change their shipping address during shipping period?

Is there a way to prevent customers to change their shipping address during shipping period?

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Hi there, 


So basically we have a fraud protection company who insures our orders just in case of fraud. For shipping, we are relying and only using Shopify's shipping feature, which also means that we don't really have a carrier account (e.g. UPS, USPS, etc.)


The thing is there is this one order. Everything is being shipped to the customer. During the order being shipped, the customer called the carrier that they want the address changed and they did change it. We aren't notified with any changes. Now it has been delivered to a different address than the initial address that our fraud protection company insured. The customer filed a chargeback for this order. Now, we're not getting reimbursed for this order since initial address is different from the delivered address.


We already contacted Shopify support for this but the answers didn't really help us. The answers were:

- Contact the carrier to disable the change of the address feature (but as I mentioned above, that we don't have an account with a carrier and is only using Shopify's shipping feature)

- Settings > Shipping & Delivery > Order Routing (nothing in the given rules apply to disabling the change of the address feature)


Is there a way to prevent customers to change their shipping address during shipping period within the Shopify's shipping feature? Appreciate your help. Thank you!

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Dang that's shady, sorry to hear that happened to you.


The only thing I can think of is to contact the insurer company, explain that situation and that you need to be covered in that case, because of that type of scam.


If it's a big problem, you might consider opening your own account with carriers. You might actually save some money. Back when I owned a store, I remember us getting discounts when we started doing some volume and setting up discounts with our carriers.


Another idea, you can add something in the order confirmation email + your terms of service that address changes must get confirmed through you, or the right to a refund or chargeback is waived. That may help you in fighting a chargeback case, to show proof that the customer is committing a fraudulent act.

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One thing you can do  - if you are not using Shopify Plus then you can create a custom app.

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Hi @TeamIU 

I agree with @JoesIdeas. Having your own Account with the shipping carrier gives you more flexibility in opting in/out of the services the carrier offers. If you are looking for solutions to integrate your own carrier account, then I suggest you to checkout the PH Multi-Carrier Shipping Label app.

The app offers integration with carriers such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, DHL Express and more. You could display real-time rates at checkout, create shipping labels with tracking and also the admin gets a dedicated tracking dashboard to monitor the tracking status of the orders for these carriers.
 The app also comes with a 14-day free trial.

Hope this helps!

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