Is there any way I can charge shipping fee after customer pays for the purchase?

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The situation is that I have a large number of items of different sizes and weights.

I can only determine the specific shipping cost through the user's order and delivery address.


Is there any way I can let the customer pay the items first, then charge the shipping fee after?

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Hello @yichen ,


Yes, you can do that. Here's how:

  • Set up your shipping rates: go to admin panel -> Settings -> Shipping and delivery. Set up your shipping rates based on the different shipping zones and weight/size of your product
  • Enable "Require shipping address" setting: go to Settings - Checkout -> Form options section. Make sure that the "Require shipping address" setting is enabled. This will prompt customers to enter their shipping address during checkout.
  • Use the Manual payment method option:go to Settings -> Payment providers -> Manual payment methods section. Enable the Cash on delivery payment method or create a custom payment method.
  • Notify customers about additional shipping fees: During the checkout process, you can inform customers that they will be charged separately for shipping fees based on their delivery address. You can use a banner or message on your store's cart page, or send a follow-up email to customers after they have placed their order.
  • Charge customers for shipping fees: After the order has been placed, you can manually calculate the shipping fees based on the customer's delivery address and charge them through the manual payment method that you have set up.

Hope this can help you out.

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@yichen, Yes it's your store and anything can be done.


In my opinion, I will not recommend that. Think of it this way, it's like I come to you and say I'm selling a product for say $10 and when you show interest or purchase then l now say by the way the product is now $15 as $5 is for shipping. It won't make sense to you and I and thus the buyer.


This will lead to chargeback or claims.


INSTEAD.. I recommend you use this shipvista Live Shipping Cost Calculator complementary app, 

This will fix the problem you are facing the correct way.


Providing your customer with RealTime shipping rates at your store's checkout Page. Furthermore we just recently add Dimension and SKU options to fix this number 1 Shopify Problem


Let me know if there are any questions

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For my situation, the app would have to interface to a custom freight company and have the calculator built to understand crates and packing density. My large landscape photo prints sell at up to 96x48". Three of these can fit into a crate. Someone orders 4, they are paying additional crate-build and shipping fees. If the girth is less than 160", the prints ship in a cardboard box. I would need the calculator to look at the cart and execute rules to derive a close estimate to what the freight company gives me. Else, I have to wait for an order then get estimate from company and run a second invoice at the customer before fulfilling.