Is there any way to hide specific payment gateways for a draft order checkout?

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Hi there,

I have a wholesale pricing app to give certain customers discounts but turns out part of the process is that creates "draft orders".


I also use (want to use) another app called "hide pay" to disable some payment methods based on the customer tag. This app works perfectly so long as the wholesale app doesn't add a discount and creates a "draft order".

  • The problem is the hide pay app won't work for draft orders. 

Is there any way to disable specific payment options (like 20th month payment or credit card options) for a draft order checkout? Are there any alternatives to restrict payment options depending on customer tag?


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No, hiding a payment method in checkout won't function with any apps if the order converts to a draft order. I'm aware of this because I've developed a similar app called PayRules. You might want to consider switching to a discount app that doesn't convert orders to draft orders.

- Control payment methods visibility at checkout by KlinKode PayRules app.
- Contact me directly at
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Thanks … because payment gateway filter apps are not compatible with draft orders… Is there any good discount apps (or work arounds) that doesn't convert orders to draft orders?

Thanks for your help

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Hi DaveNZ,


If you're looking for a discount app that doesn't rely on draft orders, I recommend our app, Regios Automatic Discounts (4.8 stars, Built for Shopify).


You can give certain customers wholesale pricing easily, based on tags, or other conditions.


Also, you can use apps like HidePay or PayRules with it, because it is built on Shopify Functions (so it will work with the normal checkout).


If you have any questions about this, just reply, and I'll be happy to help.




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Thanks very much! I’ll install your app and try it out 🙂