Is there fraud protection with Shop Pay activation on Shopify?

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I received an email today saying that Shopify will automatically activate Shop Pay in my store. I decided to deactivate it several months ago due to the fact some customers were receiving texts or notifications apparently from Shop Pay saying that they needed more information about their address, and asking them for extra money to update their address, and also saying that my store had already shipped their order and sometimes even saying that the order was delivered, when I was still processing their order and the order was not yet shipped. And the reason I decided to deactivate Shop Pay was because after having two different incidents with two different customers and contacted Shopify through chat, did not receive an answer related to this matter. I am very concerned about having Shop Pay activated again. Is there any scam protection or Fraud protection related to Shop Pay within Shopify?

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I don't have an answer to your question, but also got the same email and share your concerns. Thank you for posting this!