Is this how much a store will save by using Shopify Payments instead of Stripe? (with Recharge)

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Hello beautiful humans...

  • I'm trying to understand what the savings will be for a store if they swap from using Recharge with Stripe to using Recharge with Shopify Payments?
  • The store is Shopify Plus using "Recurring Billing by Recharge" app and the Recharge Checkout on Shopify with Stripe gateway
  • I believe both "Recurring Billing by Recharge" app and Recharge Checkout on Shopify are now superseded by Recharge Subscriptions app and Shopify Checkout Integration?
  • My interpretation of this forum post suggests that switching to new Recharge app + Shopify Checkout Integration w/ Shopify Payments means no processing fees. Is that right?
  • And given it's an AU store does that mean the saving will be 1.75% + A$0.30 for domestic cards and 2.9% + A$0.30 for international cards?
  • In summary swapping the old Recharge set-up for the new Recharge app with Shopify checkout and Shopify Payments removes all Stripe fees, waives all Shopify Payments transaction fees, and Recharge fees stay the same?
  • Or am I confused? #laughing
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Did you switch? I'm thinking about the same