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Issue with Refund process for alternative Payment Gateways

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95% of our orders are with Payment gateways that don't accept the refund option within Shopify (like Stripe and Paypal do).

Now when we have to refund an order, this is the procedure:

1. Refund order manually

2. Cancel fulfillment in shopify

3. Cancel the order


Not a big deal, however after having done this, the order would still be considered a sale by Shopify. E.g. let's say we have 2 orders for $100 in a day and we refund 1 order manually, then shopify would still say we have $200 worth of sales.

Obviously this is not ok. We found this workaround, but that is not valid anymore, since you can't delete orders anymore:

Please someone from Shopify help us out, I've talked about it with customer support in the live chat, but they couldn't help.

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Hey there! I helped a merchant set up a tool that lets them capture orders in bulk, using a set of order numbers that they just paste in - would something like this work for you?

To put it another way, would it work for you to process cancellations manually, collect order numbers/IDs/etc as you go, and submit them to a tool for bulk fulfillment cancellation and order cancellation?

I made Locksmith and Mechanic. 🙂
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Hi Isaac,

Thanks for the suggestion, but this sounds like a very complex (and I assume paid for) workaround. Besides I think this is basic functionality and Shopify itself should have a solution for this?

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Did you ever find a working solution for this problem? I'm experiencing something similar