Issue with the province selector at checkout

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When I am on the checkout page, I see a default value set for the province dropdown, when I fill the required fields and submit the form, the province dropdown displays a validation error as if no value is set, it only works when I change the selection, so if I actually wanted to select the default value, I would have to change it to something else and then select the default value again!


See the below screenshot, this is the default value set when loading the page.


This does not happen to country/Region dropdown, which too has a default value set.


I am on the Shopify basic plan, I am selling to one country only (UAE). 


I can make any changes I need in the source code on the account addresses page (addresses.liquid) but I am not sure how to tackle this on checkout with the basic plan, any help is appreciated.



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I am facing the same issue in my shop. Looking for solutions