Issue with USD/ EUR Free shipping setup - guess du to currency conversion

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HI there,
I have following offer in my store: All orders for US and European Union above 69 USD/EUR (therefore - the customers local currancy) can enjoy free shipment.

Situation today: A customer ordered for 64,xx EUR from a european country and got free shipment, because this is 70,xx USD. By right the customer suppose to pay shipment, since 64 EUR < 69 EUR. I have verified it by my own in the store, and get the free shipping as well.


How needs to be the setup done that Europeans have to purcase at least 69 EUR and not USD in order to get free shipping?


Thats how the setup looks like:


I am wondering that the minimum price shows $ and not EUR.  I guess thats the issue.
The europe flat rate shows EUR...
If this is the problem, how to change the currency?

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