Issue with virtual POS WEB OF CBD EUROPE

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Hello everyone, here GREENBREAKCBD, we are having serious issues when it comes to being able to configure a payment gateway that allows us to allow the customer to pay by card. We have managed to integrate the gateway that Shopify is associated for the sale of CBD, which is BANKFUL, the problem is that BANKFUL is only the gateway and works with the Virtual POS of SQUARE, which at first we did a test and let us, but two days later, we were told that we closed the account because it is not allowed.

We also know of a gateway that accepts and charges us 8% for high risk payments, but the problem is that they do not provide us with POS.

It seems that the MAIN problem is the virtual POS, or physical and non-physical banks, that do not accept CBD payments, not even with laboratory documentation.

The question is, any expert could recommend a solution (for the moment, we have created 3 manual payments, but the truth is that it is quite tedious and annoying).


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