Issues with Customer Shipping Rates by Product

Issues with Customer Shipping Rates by Product

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I've searched but I can't find this issue on the forums....

Shopify is miscalculating my shipping rates when I combine a product-specific rate with a general item rate in my store.  I've tried a few ways to trick Shopify into correctly calculating the rate, but nothing is working so far. 

First, here is the free custom rate for the product...

Screenshot 2023-01-21 102759.png 

Here are my scenarios...

1). I offer free shipping for decals on my store, so I created a custom Free shipping rate.  When the cart contains only Decals, the free rate appears and any other rates I add for that item (priority, express, etc.).  When I add a flag to the cart, with only free shipping as the custom product rate, I get a shipping rate that's not event defined 

-Shipping $x.xx (see below)

Screenshot 2023-01-21 101247.png

2. If I add the standard carrier rates to the custom shipping rate for the product (decals), shopify is doubling the standard carrier rate.  i.e. 

Screenshot 2023-01-21 101750.png

I want shopify to give free shipping for just the decals, but when any other product is added, I want the standard carrier rates to take over.  Right now, the only option customers get with combined carts is this standard shipping rate (which I guess is a backup rate).


How can I get shopify to correctly calculate the carrier shipping rate when a general item and an item with a custom shipping rate are combined into the cart?





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Have you tried using the weight parameters for the cart, so decals are light weight so once the cart reaches a max weight is goes to the different rates?

Should allow you to have multiple decals in cart before it hits the limit. Just a thought.

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You can try using our app ShipMagic (free app) for this.
You can create rules based on product and blend rates as you like when different products are present in a cart.

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Calculate accurate shipping rates: Shipping Calculator: ShipMagic
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